All I can Do is Smile

Baby Steps


Hi everyone. Jess had as good a night’s rest as possible while at a hospital. The nursing team is awesome and were checking in often to make sure she is not nauseous or uncomfortable.

I crashed on the little sofa (thanks Sol and Mariel for the REI sleeping pad, that saved my back).

This morning, they removed the catheter and the stomach tube so Jess can actually talk above a strained whisper.

We met with the Doc briefly this morning and the goals for today are to get her sitting in a chair at least 4 times and walking around a bit.

In terms of visitation, Jess is up for it assuming we aren’t in the middle of trying to walk or having a chat with the Doc/nurses. Please text me first before you plan on coming over. I know many of you are close by, so if you can text me just before you plan on leaving I can make sure she’s up for it. We are also limiting to a couple people at a time and for about 10-15 minutes max.

Sweet digs.


6 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Good luck moving around! You’ll do well because you are so fit. May you also pass gas today too 😉

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  2. Great report! A lot of people are sick right now (including me). Make sure that people are free & clear of sickness before visiting with Jess. Just a reminder… 🙂

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  3. Yes, good luck on that gas passing!! You’d never think in your life you’d be so happy to toot.

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  4. Ditto on the gas, especially if eating solid food depends on it!!
    ❤ to you both. Sending continued good thoughts!

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  5. Good morning guys.
    We hope Jessica continues to make good progress. Look after yourself Kenji so you can give her lots of TLC

    all the best,


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