All I can Do is Smile

Port Placement Surgery Day


Jessica goes in for her chemo port placement today! She’s in good spirits and pretty much just wants to get going and knock it out. The procedure itself should only be between 30m to 1h long.

Update #3


Update #2

Just spoke with the doc and everything went well. No complications at all.  Jess has to recover from the anesthesia for another hour or so before she gets her hospital room. She’ll rest for the remainder of the day and have the first round of IV chemo tonight.

Update #1

The anaesthesiology team just took her back for her nap.



6 thoughts on “Port Placement Surgery Day

  1. Keeping you both in my thoughts…always…

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  2. Good luck. Stay strong. You got this champ!!!! Tim

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  3. Thanks for the updates. Thinking about your guys. I’m there in spirit today and everyday with you. If you need anything I’m here.

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  4. Sending healing energy from the east coast! Keeping you in my thoughts. -Lori

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  5. You got this, Jess! Thinking of you today & hoping for an early bowel movement after your procedure. Well wishes to a speedy recovery. Love ya girlie.

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