All I can Do is Smile

Today’s Buddy


Got a furry friend to keep me company and a human friend on their way later. 🙂



9 thoughts on “Today’s Buddy

  1. Furry friends are the bomb.

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  2. it’s a good day!

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  3. Nothing like a furry friend! Enjoy your day, Jess!

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  4. Pet therapy is the best!

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  5. Fun! Phoebe also looks forward to reporting for duty next week.

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  6. Great catching up with you on the phone Jess. And, for the link. All caught up now. Oh my. What a wild ride! Thanks for sharing it with your usual great spirit. Hang in there!

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  7. I just told Lowell last night how funny it was that HIS crazy cat Tink rarely leaves the bed with him recovering……serious loyal company in furry friends!

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