All I can Do is Smile

Prep Work


On a scale of 0 to organized I’m puttering at a 7 right now. Getting this week’s meds organized. Putting stuff away around the house so I can succumb to week 2 in peace and cleanliness.

My MIL and FIL were a whirlwind of activity last week, dusting and cleaning the windows. I’m so grateful for them. And Kenji of course. He’s really picked up the slack and he knows what a clean house means to me.

Week one of round 2 is done. After tomorrow I’ll be 33% complete with treatment! Amazing.



7 thoughts on “Prep Work

  1. Yea for helpful family members! I love a clean house. I hope I can come clean for you some time soon? I’ll be over my sickness pretty soon!

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  2. TIL what MIL and FIL mean! Thank you for sharing your story Jess! Glad things are going 7 out of organized for you!

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  3. Love you, Kenji and your awesome in-laws!

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  4. I wish Everett and I can hang with you this week! Sienna brought home a bug from school. We’re both fine but I don’t want to chance bringing it to you. Enjoy your clean house my friend.

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