All I can Do is Smile

Will we see you this weekend?


Wiggin' Out PartyWe’re looking forward to a gorgeous weekend in sunny Southern California. Will you join us? Don’t forget to RSVP so I can get a firm count on food!



8 thoughts on “Will we see you this weekend?

  1. Sorry to miss this can’t wait to see the pictures!

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  2. I’d be there but Sienna is still kind of snotty and sick! Bummed to miss this. Have fun!

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  3. If you moved the shindig to Riverside I could defiantly make it, cause you know how I’m needy and demanding! BUT, I realized this is NOT about me… No promises but let me see what I can do 🙂

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  4. Gil and I ate going to try our best to be there. If not, I would like a private wig party next time I am up yonder way..

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  5. If I finish my online course for my Pilates certification course I will try to make it. Miss you and love you!!!

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