All I can Do is Smile

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!


Looking forward to seeing people tomorrow. Sorry to my east coast family, as well as others spread across the country who cannot partake. I know you’ll be here in spirit.

As a friendly reminder, if you are have ANY symptoms of a cold, flu, etc. please stay home. We’ll pour some out for you, homie. But we cannot take any chances of my catching anything before this next round.

We have a special dessert coming from Birdy Bakes too! It’s going to be a grand time!


6 thoughts on “Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

  1. Wish we could be there with you guys! Have fun…and definitely have one for me! xoxo

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  2. I love you! Have fun!! Sorry we can’t be there.

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  3. Sorry we can’t be there in person!

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  4. ❤ with all of the sickness going around at home and at school, we're sorry we aren't there to party with you!!


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