All I can Do is Smile

The Last Infusion


Update 5:00pm – I’m here and ready to rock and roll. Come visit. Please!! Kaiser Sand Canyon/Alton room 411. There’s a phone on the 4th floor entrance where they will let you in. Text me to let me know if you’re coming. I’ll be here until at least 9pm.

Update 3:30pm – bed ready! I will be in room 411. I’ll update when I’m settled.

Update 2:15pm – oncology nurse called to say they’re just waiting on a discharge. She’s been over there 4 times harassing them. It’s gonna be a late night for this infusion…

Update 12:45pm – still waiting on the hospital to call with an open bed.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Of course it should happen this way.

It looks like my final infusion will be at the hospital  since the infusion center is short nurses. I was supposed to get a call at 7:30am letting me know if I should come in and that time has come and gone. (Yes, I already called them.)

So, now I’m waiting for the hospital to call me when they have an empty bed.

The benefit of the hospital is that I am not limited to a single visitor, so I’m calling this last infusion what it is: a freakin’ party!

Once I know my room number and timing I’ll post an update. I welcome any and all visitors this afternoon/evening to celebrate the final dose of this cancer killing juice they pump into me.


15 thoughts on “The Last Infusion

  1. Soooooo awesome that today is your last infusion! Cheers!! XO!

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  2. I’m there in spirit!

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  3. Wish I could be there! Thinking of you. xo

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  4. I’m just down the street! I’ll keep checking in because I AM DOWN TO PARTY!

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  5. Congrats on your final infusion. You’re such a champ! ❤


  6. [Thumbs Up] !!!!


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  7. Woohoo!! Last one. Party time!!


  8. If you could broadcast it on Facebook Live or via blueTOOTH that would be grand. Otherwise i shall be there in whisky.

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  9. Congrats homey! So happy pappy for you.

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  10. Wish I lived closer! Hope you’re hanging in.

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  11. Congrats on your last chemo juice- You are a full on warrioir, 1 bad ass chica.. Great victory so stoked for you all!

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  12. GAH! Of course I see this post a day late!!! You deserve a massive party – in the hospital AND out! Congrats on all your hard work woman!


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