All I can Do is Smile

And this is why I like routine


Yesterday sucked.


Yesterday was definitely the absolute worst I’ve felt during the entire chemo treatment and that’s saying something. I couldn’t keep anything down. The day was spent throwing up and then dry heaving went well into the night. Did you know you can throw up and poop at the same time? It’s awesome, let me tell you.

So yeah. That happened.

Our theory for what caused this ultimate fail in what should have been the easy part — the damn timing. My infusion on Wednesday didn’t begin until nearly 7pm. I’m usually done with my infusion by 2pm. We got back home by 12:30am and I was definitely out of whack on my medication schedule and nausea management.

So I payed for it. Big time.

I feel a thousand times better today and can take heart in the fact that I will feel better each day from here on out, because there is no more chemo in my future (pending CT results… that test is schedule next week)!

What a horrible way to finish this thing out, but ironically appropriate. Here’s to the next chapter!


6 thoughts on “And this is why I like routine

  1. Only up from here! Way to go!!! We need to have you over to celebrate when you are ready 🙂

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  2. You’ve obviously embraced the suck more this last IP than should be necessary. But now it’s over! Xo

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  3. Well …. Thats all folks! Onward for the toughest beautiful soul !

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  4. Yes, only UP from here. Love you so much!!!

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  5. That just sucks! I’m sorry! Looking forward to the great results!!!

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