All I can Do is Smile

Sneak Peek: IP Chemo Photo Day


If I had to choose a title for the imaginary book I’d write about this experience, it’d likely be called “All I Can Do Is Smile.” I firmly believe that the energy you put into this world is the energy you get out of it and that attitude makes all the difference in a situation. But duh. You already knew this. Why am I sharing the obvious?

During the penultimate infusion, I reached out to my friend, and our wedding photographer, Karey, to see if she’d be interested in a different type of photo project: to capture the entire IP infusion process. She was available and I enjoyed (as much as you can receiving chemo) a day together chatting and photo making. It even sparked some collaboration ideas, which is a subject for another day. I will share more about that in the coming months.

As always, Karey captured the essence of the day. I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots with you and soon, I will share a photo essay of the entire day. One thing I noticed in all the shots… I smile. A. LOT.

I know this is a good thing. 🙂



16 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: IP Chemo Photo Day

  1. Stunning photos of a beautiful girl! Very cool idea and really captures the moment!

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  2. As always, you’ve got a great attitude and a wonderful smile 🙂 let’s catch up soon!

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  3. Thanks for sharing Jess! These picture make me feel things… Very happy to see your wonderful smile and spirit shine through. Also feel some heart break to have a glimpse of what you’re going through. But I will follow your lead and smile 🙂 You’re a champ! Happy Friday!

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  4. So great to see some of the pics and share in your journey through this blog!

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  5. You look beautiful Jessica and yes you do smile a lot…which is a good thing.


  6. We might want to combine our efforts, my book title is, “I really hate that pine cone”

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  7. Thank you for the beautiful smiles!

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  8. I love your smile–in fact, that’s how I could tell from far away, that Kenji and you loved each other–the smiles on your faces said it all. And that you kept smiling through something as (insert bad word here) as you have in the past 6-ish months…that alone is worth more than any chemo therapy could offer. I continue to send positive, healing energy (think of it as being surrounded by a hazy blue mist) and look forward to the rest of the photos.

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  9. If positivity works, and I believe it does, then dude you just kicked cancers ass and the results will agree! Hugs and love friend!!!!

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  10. These are amazing!!! You are a beautiful person inside and out! Your radiance and determination will kick this cancer in the ass and send it to the black hole where it belongs!!! Love you! Xoxo!

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  11. And what an incredible smile it is. Love!

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