All I can Do is Smile




There’s been some movement on information for the boobs. (My post title is a joke taken from Honest Trailers. Head down the YouTube rabbit hole watching those. They are hilarious.)

Moving along…

I met with the breast specialist (Dr. Washington) on Monday and the plastic surgeon (Dr. Tuchler) yesterday. I immediately liked them both. We went over all the options and information, and they’ve given me quite a bit to consider.

It’s AMAZING having the luxury of time for my prophylactic surgery. With no sense of urgency, I can plan (sweet, glorious control) how and when this will all occur. Tentatively, it will sometime next year.

Surprisingly, I am a candidate for nipple sparing! This increases the risk of cancer just slightly (from 1-2% to 3%) and I have a choice of entry point for the implant and/or expander (from below, where the breast meets the body; or from the side like a spoke out of my nipple).

I’m also a candidate to have immediate reconstruction with the double mastectomy (read Komen’s information about the options, which was my original source and one both doctors approved of). Even further, if I don’t want to increase my bust size, Dr. Tuchler tells me he can put an implant in immediately and potentially reduce the number of surgeries I’d have to endure. They MAY have to adjust the implant after the fact anyway, so it’s not a guarantee that I wouldn’t need another surgery. I’m thinking long and hard about the pros and cons of a larger cup size… expansion of the skin & muscle to increase the bust will take 3-4 months.

There’s also a bunch of different implants to consider.

So glad to have the time to think! I’ll share more later.