All I can Do is Smile



I figured putting that in the post title would get you the info just a bit quicker.

By sheer luck I found out today that the biopsy came back clear and benign! I had an appt with my rheumatologist and as he was reviewing my chart he noticed I had the biopsy, I mentioned I was waiting for the result, and he said he had the result and would I like to know?
Sidenote: I’m a little disappointed that the nurse of my oncologist (who is out this week) hasn’t even called me yet! (Which my doc assured me she would do.) Ah well, I don’t care who the source is, I’m just grateful
They weren’t able to access the pancreatic area, so my doc is sending me to a GI specialist to see if an endoscopic ultrasound will do the trick. Hopefully, the fact the the first one is benign, means this one is too.
Which of course, means more waiting. Specialty services for Kaiser will likely call me tomorrow and I’ll have more info soon.

18 thoughts on “Benign!

  1. Thank God!!!!! Amazing news!!!! I’m so freaking happy for you and Kenji!!! May all the news always be good, clean, and benign!!! Love you both!!!

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  2. Hell yes! Congratulations Jessica.
    I keep you in my daily prayers.


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  3. Great news!!!! Woot woot!!

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  4. Kicking ass lady !!

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  5. Now that’s how you do Monday! Yes!


  6. Couldn’t be happier for you! XOXO!

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  7. Love love love love like like like a million times over!!!!

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  8. Break out the tea! It’s on like donkey kong!

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  9. Yesss! Great news! ๐Ÿ˜˜

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  10. Mucho YESSSSSS!! So thrilled.

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  11. That’s wonderful news! Sending love to you & Kenji from your cousins in Maryland!

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