All I can Do is Smile

Looking towards Round 2


First off, I fixed my typo of Round 2 being done.

Freudian slip. I wish.

I count myself correct in my previous assertion that I’d forget how shitty this would be.

And I know I’ve complained about constipation before — probably half a dozen times (I’m not even going to go back to round 1 and find all the times) — but seriously! That’s the one thing no seems to think is pertinent to mention. CHEMO PATIENTS OF THE WORLD: GET YOUR STOOL SOFTENER NOW!


I had to wear a panty liner to my psych appointment because I was prone to loose stool, or as the kids these days call it, “sharting.”


I had to live it, so you have to live it with me.

And with that, last week sucked a lot. And so did this weekend.

Today is 1,000% better. Things are moving along (if you get my hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge). My next round starts of Friday, so hopefully this feeling continues (I’m not even asking for better).

My appetite is still a struggle. I got as low as 117lbs, which I haven’t seen since I got out of the hospital the last time after 7 days without food; and before that, probably junior high school?! But, I’ve worked with my psychiatrist to change up one of my medications for another. One of the side effects is increased appetite. The one that I’m nixing is known to cause nausea. Done and done.

I’m also still diggin’ on those cream shakes. Kenji bought dates this weekend, so I know what I’ll make this week for my “Fat Shakes” (which we’ve aptly named). I call my sulforaphane shake my “She-Ra Shake.” That’s a whole nother blog post on it’s own, and I may make Kenji write it himself.

Moving along…

Fatigue is definitely an issue overall. That’s why I like having something to look forward to on my good days so, you know, I actually have to shower and get dressed. Damn you TempurPedic for making such a perfect product! I’m talking with my boss this week to see how I can continue to contribute — without adding any stress to my life. It’ll be the same situation as before, where I’ll work on projects that aren’t time sensitive.

That’s all for now, folks.


23 thoughts on “Looking towards Round 2

  1. I can always recommend Smooth Move. It worked well for Alphonse. You can use 2 sachets for a stronger tea. It even tastes good, if you add sugar or honey. Good luck going!

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  2. Good vibes you way Jess! Glad you’re able to be positive about all this. May the poop fairy bless you this week!

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  3. I support the poop fairy visit. XOXO. You’re amazing. That is all.

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    • Thanks Beth! My masseuse taught me a way to get things going, so apparently SHE’S the poop fairy. Very effective. Probably should have googled it three weeks ago. Ah hindsight…
      PS: I left my inbox at 5 when I went out. πŸ˜‰


  4. Remind me not to eat a sloppy joe dinner while reading a blog that references sharting.

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  5. Love you girl keep the stories coming… your an awesome writer I see books in your future! It’s a bright one!

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  6. Dear sweet Jessica! Your slow cognitive-processing, overly self-critical photographer who worked with you at the MS Society, and concerned friend… tried leaving you a couple of messages before, but never stuck around long enough to see she was doing it all wrong! πŸ˜‰ (That’s supposed to be a winkie – ooops if it doesn’t show that way!)

    To hear you were battling this ferocious cancer was certainly a shock to me but, not surprisingly, your attitude isn’t! Dealing with the worst, making the best of it and making us grin all the while makes you one of the fiercest fighters I’ve ever known!

    Thank you for letting me in on your biggest challenge of all – think of you a lot these days and wish I could be closer so I could give you a big, fat hug and something healthy to eat (or drink)!

    And having one’s gall bladder removed gives many of us wicked stories to tell, doesn’t it?!! TMI is never too much for me! Here’s another attempt… πŸ˜‰

    Until your next update, Jess! ❀ (You get it, it's a heart!)

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  7. Thinking of you always my friend!!!! Supporting the poop fairy vibes everyone is sending your way. Sending lots of love and hugs your way. Miss you tons!

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  8. ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

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  9. Never TMI over here…Supporting you always. Love you friend!!

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  10. Thanks as always for sharing – TMI and all – we love the shit out of you – really! XOXO

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  11. I love that you share everything with us, I feel like I’m with you every step of the way! Thank you for your honesty, vulnerability and just plain ole awesomeness. I’d love to send you a care package, something to lift your spirits, can you send me your address? Sending you lots and lots of love!!!

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  12. At the risk of outing my own shartastic experiences… might I suggest a box of the Depends Silhouettes. They aren’t bulky like most disposable undies, and when you’re dealing with buttsplosions and other unpleasantness in the bladder and bowel area, you just wanna be able to throw all that shit (literally) in the trash and never think about it again. Then you can really get down with your colace and shart away in peace.

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