All I can Do is Smile


CT Results are good

Hi everyone! Sorry if you’ve been waiting with bated breath for my CT results. I spoke with my doc on Friday and things are moving in the right direction. When asked “How are we feeling about everything?”, Dr. T replied, “Good!” So we’ll take that.



Status Report: 50% complete with chemotherapy.

I’m feeling better and better (wtf?) each round. Or rather, I’m getting used to what each round means for me. I recall last time I went through chemo telling Kenji I was finally getting the hang of everything the 5th round.

Out of 6 rounds. So not helpful.

The fact that I’ve found a sort of rhythm by the end of Round 3 hopefully means that the final 50% of this bullshit will be manageable in a way it was not Round 1.

The first 4-5 days after chemo are the worst with the 3rd day being just miserable. The fatigue is becoming cumulative, but I find that if I have some momentum (putter, putter, putter) I keep the fatigue at bay. I often wish this puttering time was spent working on fitness, but some days I feel lucky to just be able to keep moving around. And so I remind myself that I am lucky, and my body is doing the best it can, and it’s a little busy kicking cancer’s ass right now, so chill out already.

What am I doing for fitness though? See below, or skip to the next paragraph. (read: Hilary do this.)

That being said, I am doing yoga on a mostly daily basis. I’ve got a rad app from Gaim that gives me 15-60 minute themed series, from relaxation to stretching. I also have passes for Bikram Yoga, which is my zen place. While that’s all fine and good for my core (which is the core (haha) of other strength), I’ve decided I need more of a circuit-style routine focused on the different muscle groups. Leg day, here I come. Activities like riding and walking just seem to make things worse. Light weights with high reps will be good. I’m glad I’ve kept my gym membership.

Moving right along, I celebrated my 36th birthday yesterday. I had a lovely celebration with family.

I’m getting out of the house; friends are visiting during calls for human interaction; I’m doing some hourly work for my day job. Minus the whole cancer thing, I’m doing better than about 99% of the world.

So that’s what’s up. Looking forward to a full week off and starting my 4th round on my 5th wedding anniversary. Kenji is taking me… how romantic. We’ll be sure to take a photo to show our celebration, haha!

Have a wonderful rest of your week and a most excellent weekend!