All I can Do is Smile


Port Placement Surgery Day

Jessica goes in for her chemo port placement today! She’s in good spirits and pretty much just wants to get going and knock it out. The procedure itself should only be between 30m to 1h long.

Update #3


Update #2

Just spoke with the doc and everything went well. No complications at all.  Jess has to recover from the anesthesia for another hour or so before she gets her hospital room. She’ll rest for the remainder of the day and have the first round of IV chemo tonight.

Update #1

The anaesthesiology team just took her back for her nap.




These Boots Are Made For Walkin’…

‘Walking and sleeping’ was the theme for today in spite of waking with a fever of 102.2. This was due to a condition called atelectasis, where the lungs don’t quite expand enough after surgery and cause the immune system to react. She used her little breathing device every time after five walks today (the last one being a full two laps around the in-patient area) and got the fever down to an almost totally normal 99 degrees by expanding her lungs full of air. Amazing what a little breathing will do. After each walk, Jess sat upright in her chair for 15-20 minutes and took in the sunny view, read or played on the phone, and then conked out for about 30-40 minutes. She’s been asleep for about 40 minutes already add I type this blog entry.

Big thanks to everyone who has commented, popped by, dropped or sent flowers, and just taken the time to show Jess love and support. It means the world.


Using the breathing device to open the lungs.


Baby steps…pffft.

Hi everyone! Jess had an awesome day yesterday. She was able to get out of bed four times and even made a lap of the area outside her room by the end of the day. She started with a walker and only went about 30 feet, and ended with an unassisted full lap! Strong!

She is using a breathing device to help expand her lungs, however she has developed an atelectasis which is causing a fever this morning, so visitation will be very limited. Please text me if you plan to come by and I will confirm with Jess and the nurses if she is up for it.


The first walk needed a walker, but that was the only one.


Baby Steps

Hi everyone. Jess had as good a night’s rest as possible while at a hospital. The nursing team is awesome and were checking in often to make sure she is not nauseous or uncomfortable.

I crashed on the little sofa (thanks Sol and Mariel for the REI sleeping pad, that saved my back).

This morning, they removed the catheter and the stomach tube so Jess can actually talk above a strained whisper.

We met with the Doc briefly this morning and the goals for today are to get her sitting in a chair at least 4 times and walking around a bit.

In terms of visitation, Jess is up for it assuming we aren’t in the middle of trying to walk or having a chat with the Doc/nurses. Please text me first before you plan on coming over. I know many of you are close by, so if you can text me just before you plan on leaving I can make sure she’s up for it. We are also limiting to a couple people at a time and for about 10-15 minutes max.

Sweet digs.



First of all, thank you all for the positive texts and comments. I’m sure Jessica will be stoked for all the positive intent coming her way. I know I am.

Jessica is resting at the moment. She was pretty alert in spite of the drugs and even cracked a couple of jokes. The nurse is keeping visiting times down to about 15 minutes and that won’t be until at least tomorrow, if Jess is feeling up for it.
A word on social media… Even though we are technically using a form of social media to keep you all informed, Jess expressed that she did not want this out on Facebook just yet. Please refrain from posting/tweeting, etc. about this. Thanks.


Update #2

Well, the surgery is complete and Jessica made it through ok.

The doc found that the mass was, in fact cancerous (more specifics from pathology analysis later this week) and a full hysterectomy was performed along with the removal of the gallbladder. Turns out, the cancer had spread to and wrecked the other ovary by reaching behind the uterus. It had also spread to the intestine, but only on the surface. This was scraped away. The gallbladder was also affected and removed. Fortunately, the liver turned out to be clear. I’ll take a gallbladder over liver problems any day of the week.

Chemotherapy will begin after she’s healed up enough from this round of the fight.

Jessica is in the post surgery anesthesia care unit. I’ll be sure to post here when she is up for visitors.