All I can Do is Smile

How to Help

Everyone seems to be looking for something they can do. And we want to help you help us! Here’s how you can help:

  1. Drive me to a chemotherapy appointment.
    Please note: this page is password protected since it contains personal information, dates and locations of my whereabouts. Email me to request access if you are interested in driving me to one of my appointments. It’s the same password as last time if you’re clever enough to remember…

    I only put a few weeks at a time, so if you go to the page and there isn’t a spot left, worry not! More shall be put up. There’s a high likelihood that I will be delayed due to low white blood cell count at some point in my treatment, so I don’t like to plan too far out.

  2. Make a meal
    We’ve got some rules around this, so check out what’s involved and you can decide if it’s worth your effort. Or make Kenji a meal, he can eat anything and it saves me from having to figure it out. 🙂
  3. Force some fun into my week or just let me see another human.
    Sign up to just visit, or go see a movie, or whatever. Get my ass out of the house. Or stay in it. Disclaimer: last minute cancellations are allowed in my case, not in yours. 😉 I kid, just let me know if you’re not able to make it, that’s all I ask.